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A donation made possible through Toyota Motors Corporation & Toyota Rasseta was held on the 30th of September at St Michel School (Antananarivo), in the presence of his Excellency Shigeru Tokuyasu  (1st councel of the Japan Embassy), reverend of St Michel School, students, parents and esteemed guests.
St Michel is a college known to have a fundamental structure for education in many domains. TOYOTA Rasseta has chosen Education as a new stepping stone to bring forward the brand. First and foremost it was a donation to the commitment we owe to education.
The reverend of St Michel humbly accepted the donation as a means of transport for the administration of the school. Through his speech, he presented his most respectful words of gratitude to the whole TOYOTA family for their contribution to the education of the youth of Madagascar.

Mrs. SOUCHAUD Irene took the moment during her speech to highlight the importance of education for the future by sharing an old Chinese proverb from KONGFUZI: "Give a man a fish and he shall eat for one day; teach him how to fish and he will be able to feed himself forever".  Also, emphasizing the value of every human being to support education in any form. Toyota has always thrived for excellence and education is excellence, the more reason why St Michel was chosen among others school to support the young Malagasy pioneers of the future.
Welcomed by cheers and applauses from the students, parents and guests; the courtyard overlooking the church at St Michel catholic school was the spot where Mrs. SOUCHAUD Irene unveiled the TOYOTA Corolla. It was followed by a reception for the students and guests to celebrate this new donation and contribution to education.


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